Wouldn’t you be in kitchen and bath heaven if your family and visitors saw your newest home remodeling idea and offered a rather loud oohs and aahs shoutout? Of course you would. Well, its not beyond the reality of any homeowner if you put your mind to it and draw a wheelbarrow full of inspiration from locations and other cultures around the world. In this day and age, any homeowner is surely aware that the bathrooms and kitchen areas are the most visited places in any home. The kitchen is the hangout place and the bathroom needs no introduction to any person with a dab of common sense. Okay, now that you are in step with the fact that the case has been made about the kitchen being the so called “heart” of the home for more reasons than one, let’s set aside the obvious suspects in the kitchen that most folks attack first when it comes to a kitchen remodel Phoenix project. You know items like shelves, cupboards, knobs, colors, tile, flooring and so on.

All that said what most people fail to consider in a remodel is the one place that, for the most part, gets no respect – the SINK! Ergo, that brings up another serious question which is: “what do you know or need to know about the kitchen sink?” Well, to begin with, the sink is where most people prepare foods, clean their hands, for sure scrub dishes and other “hard to clean” objects. Also, for some homeowners, your sink can be the one item that needs updating in any kitchen remodeling project. Especially if you haven’t installed a new sink in your kitchen since George Bush was President, here is how you can really improve and refresh your kitchen and start getting some oohs and aahs.

Oh, another thing to keep in mind is when it comes to style, a traditional sink is still the most popular for a family. On the other hand, if the kids have left the scene leaving just the older adults, you might want to consider a more contemporary style sink. So, here is the good and not so good about new kitchen sinks:
* The top-mount sink is the easiest to install but cleaning can often be a challenge.
* The under-mount sink is great and cleans easily, but a pain to take out and replace.
* If you wash a lot of large dishes and pots the single-bowl works, but uses a lot of water.
* A double-bowl gets most of the applause (one bowl to wash and one for drying) but it takes more water, too.
* Don’t forget your kitchen “butcher block.” It not only adds charm to your kitchen but they are actually quite functional. Plus they clean easily just using a dab of water and soap.

A kitchen remodel is such a big deal, and you are going to want to go into this feeling fully prepared for all that you will be doing. You will want to know what you will be doing for everything that needs to take place, so that the kitchen can turn out looking just as good as you want it to. You will want to figure out all of the details before you have someone come in to work on things for you, so that everything can get done as quickly as possible. There are many advantages to figuring everything out ahead of time.