If you’re a homeowner interested in the latest trends this section of bath & kitchen remodeling Phoenix will be right up your alley. The remedy of a master bath in your home will allow you to understand what the “top trends” are and by incorporating them into your own ideas, you can quickly increase your home’s comfort, style and best of all, the value of your home.

Speaking of value, several years ago a realtor in a major city wrote an article on why some home’s never sell for months on end, while other homes are swept into the “sold” category in less than a month or two. The article targeted two things in your home: kitchen and bathrooms. It was said that in an “open house” the chances of a woman visiting the home was 95 percent; a man registered the remaining five percent. Also, if the home registers a plus from a street view, she will enter the home for a look. Guess where the first place she will investigate is located? Yep, the kitchen.

The second place will be the bathroom(s). While making her quick inspection of those two places, if she likes what she sees, you have a sale working in your favor. If the bathrooms and kitchen area and appliances are dated from the 1950’s, she will be gone in less than five minutes.

Most folks who own a home want modern designs in the bathrooms and kitchen areas if they can afford it. A cold or calculated master bath should not be on your agenda, but the remedy doesn’t need to be expensive if you give it some thought. Renovated master baths are currently not only a hot item, they’re in demand. And if your remodel approach is on the right path, a renovated master bath can provide one of the highest rates of return on investment.

It has also been suggested that just a midrange remodel job recoups upwards of over 71 percent during a resale. One of the latest trends in a master bath is making it into a “spa-like” retreat with modern technology like allowing programmable water features and designing with organic textures like bamboo, cotton and marble. Yet, even after all these items that have been mentioned, one classic option is still trending: modern subway tiles. These tiles come in various colors like cobalt blue, slate gray and winter white.

Caution: this type of master bath remodeling may have the users (msn or woman) tied up for hours; maybe longer if they bring a portable TV with them.