A Bathroom Remodel Takes The Center Stage!

The kitchen may be the spot where most friends and families congregate, but the bathroom is a necessity. Kids and dad may be able to survive with just one bath, but the lady or ladies of the house, prefer at the very minimum, two bathrooms. Two or more bathrooms are also an excellent sales pitch when selling your home. The usual suspects in most homes would be a small bathroom near a hallway that kids and visitors use, and the master bathroom is for the older adults. However, when planning a small bathroom remodel the question before the house of common sense is where to put everything that’s needed; especially the sink and toilet. Most thoughts of homeowners is they have two options. A pedestal sink or a more European design where the sink and cabinet attaches to the wall. You won’t have any trouble finding what you want because manufacturers design these sink and cabinet combinations especially for smaller bathrooms.

The pedestal sink can be attractive plus free up space. On the other hand these type of sinks eat up a lot of space and loose a lot of storage options. Of course, you could always shop around at some unique stores in town where you can buy some small baskets or build some clever shelves or cabinets in the bathroom to help eliminate the space conundrum. Another option and popular style for small bathrooms is adding a vanity. These days vanity cabinets are available in marble, granite and even custom wood designs that don’t cost an arm and leg. One other place to find more space in a small bathroom is, of course, the bathroom wall; yikes – bet you never thought of that, huh!

Continuing on the subject of small bathrooms, in your remodeling process, would be the bathtub and door. Ergo, maybe it’s time to dump the tub and simply make the shower area look like in arrived from outer space. Look, folks, the fact is most kids don’t take baths and neither will any visitors. Unless it’s in the master bathrooms, a small bathroom tub is a total waste of space. Let your contractor frame and tile the shower area (think: walls) and while the contractor is at it, have them build a shelf or small bench in the shower. Oh, don’t forget some new lighting. A recessed light over the shower and a “three-bulb” light fixture to hang over your new vanity.