The following information is about as close as possible but should be considered. For most all bathroom remodeling jobs, you can expect to pay a little over 10 percent or more of the total project amount as a deposit. However, never pay more than one third of the total cost as a down payment, and never, ever pay the deposit in CASH! Use a check or credit card. You should also be aware that when dealing with bathroom remodeling, some contractors will frequently find “hidden” problems that need to be addressed before the contractor can move forward.

If you have a family member or friend who knows anything about this particular problem, ask them to take a look to verify what the contractor is talking about. This could add an additional 10 percent to 20 percent to the project budget. Under these circumstances, there is not a whole lot you, the homeowner, can do about it since these headaches will surely pop up now and then – like it or not.

In closing this kitchen and bathroom remodeling project article, any homeowner who has never experienced a project of this size should take into consideration what they can expect in terms of stress and having to move to a local motel along with family members and pets or moving in with mom and dad until the project is completed. The inconvenience time put on your family will certainly change any daily and evening routine everyone was used to; especially the bathrooms. You should also make plans for storing your own personal stuff and also know where the contractor will be storing his material.

If you have a double garage, you can help the matter by parking cars on the street or at some neighbor’s driveway and let the contractor use the garage facility for storage. If both the kitchen and bathrooms remodeling are started at the same time, you certainly won’t be able to cook, use any bathroom facilities or sleep. So once you find out how long this imposition could possibly last, you can make plans in advance to east the strain and stress, and make things a bit more comfortable for all concerned. It might also be wise to know what the working hours of the construction crew are and if they will have a Portable Potty parked in the driveway. Most working crews begin in the early hours and end when the day is done.