Surprise! Clever Decorative Lighting Really Helps!

Since the kitchen is many times a very busy place in a home, lighting in your remodeling chore can be crucial. But you should be careful in your lighting choices since some people use the kitchen to socialize with friends and loved ones, so you might want to consider both ambient and task lighting. For ambient lighting consider a chandelier. Simply hang it over the dining area or, if you have one, the kitchen island. Task lighting should be brighter, so using pendants and recessed lights over areas you use a lot like counter-tops, the sink and stove. With just a few additions and tips from a source you trust, you’ll soon have that elegant kitchen you’ve been thinking of.

In the master bath nothing will open up a space like new lighting. It’s true that most old homes left a lot to be desired when it comes to lighting. For those of you who can remember, almost all old homes never had a built-in light in the shower. Yes, we know that when your Uncle Fred finds out you plan to shine a light over the shower space, he might be quick to tell you he never had one. Yet, shining a light over that space can actually add depth to the bathroom and give the illusion it looks larger. Advice from the exerts at Signature Kitchen and Bath, whether it’s the master bath or that small bathroom down the hall, when it comes to lighting, you should also consider the wall color and tile selection; especially in a small bathroom. Classic subway tiles or ones that are oriented horizontally will work particularly in the shower.

Finally, when considering a total kitchen and bath remodeling job it might be worth your while to plan to do your homework before starting your project. You should also take pictures of your bathroom(s) and kitchen just the way they look when you leave for your appointment. Here is a checklist of what to do first BEFORE talking with any contractor:
* Be realistic about your budget. Two years ago the average cost of a bath remodel was about $18,500; kitchens were priced higher.
* Go online and check websites as well as magazines for designs and ideas. If you live in a city with showrooms and large retail outlets spend some time looking and pricing.
* Talk with any neighbors, family members or friends who have recently completed a remodel on their bathrooms and/or kitchen. Also, inquire on what contractor they used and if their project was finished on time, delayed and how the contractor handled any requested changes you needed.
* Get at least three “written” estimates that clearly define your project and ask what materials will be used.
* Make sure the contractor is accessible when needed.
* This question is important! Make sure the contractor you choose has the appropriate licenses and is properly bonded and insured – and make them prove it. Bathroom remodeling work often requires electrical and plumbing work which are two of the most often regulated trades. You certainly don’t want your home to burn down or flood because a worker didn’t know what he was doing.
* Always get multiple bids then check or ask for references.